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The new standard 
of smart cities

The mesh powered Indian silicon valley

We have started building meshling network in Bangalore

Why meshling network for building a smart city

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The network is built using patent applied blockchain and mesh technology. Data transmission happens through network thus highly economical

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The network is enabled with new gen blockchain technology making it a decentralised system with high grade security

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Every product in the environment can connect with each other thus building a strong ecosystem of connected devices

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The integrated Centralised management system enabled the govt body or the management body to manage everything from one console

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Smart street lights

Smart street lights powered with meshling network can be operated over cloud, adjust brightness according to environment lights and report malfunctioning instantly over the street management dashboard

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Smart trackers

BLE smart trackers can also work along with mesh network. BLE trackers are small and sleek battery powered which can be used to track various things in the city using  smart track application

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Smart parking system

Utilize low-cost smart parking systems that alert drivers to the nearest open parking spot, reducing congestion and benefiting the environment by cutting down on driving time

our smart city solutions

Building IOT network

The City of  bangalore announced the launch of a new initiative on The People’s Network to bridge the digital divide and bring innovative Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to its citizens. bangalore is the very first city to officially join the rapidly expanding ecosystem and use Meshling blockchain-based incentive model

Case Studies

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smart pole smart pole uses meshling block chain technology to build smart street lighting solutions

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evthings EV things IOT devices rides on the meshling network for its M2M commuincations

whizly sq.png

Whizly Building smart infrastructure using the mesh network technology for asset tracking


smart mobility building smart tracker for vehicles using meshling IOT systems